Top 10: Movie Opening Scenes

From the writers and editors of Bradmouth …. enjoy your friday.

10: Gladiator

 Top 10: Movie Opening ScenesDescription: After a little historical background the scene opens up to a massive battle between the Roman army and the Germanic tribes (or Vandals, or Goths, or Danes .. you got me .. I don’t know who they are fighting .. it’s been a long time since I took the European History AP).

The battle is complete with catapults, flaming arrows, some capable phalanx work, and a cavalry charge.  Not to mention we get introduced to the He-Man like General Maximus Decimus Meridius (a name I like to use at parties) long before Russell Crowe had a PR nose dive.

Why it makes the list: Epic battle, some great early lines, and Russell Crowe dominating the scene.  Odd that Robin Hood basically opened the same way and I hated it.  Thanks for the originality Ridley Scott.

No You Tube clip available (I REALLY tried)

9: Star Trek

 Top 10: Movie Opening ScenesDescription: Instantly placed aboard the U.S.S Kelvin as it is forced to fight off a Romulan ship, we come face to face with the parents of the legend that is Captain James Tiberius Kirk.  I am not even a huge Star Trek fan and I almost peed myself.

Why it makes the list: Visually amazing, changes the entire tone of the franchise in minutes, best scene of the movie, and foreshadows the character development of James Kirk.

No You Tube clip available (you type ‘Star Trek’ into YouTube .. 340,000 results .. it’s like I typed ‘Justin Bieber’) .. you should all own this movie anyway

8: Scream

Description: Drew Barrymore makes a rather short appearance.  Fortunately for non-fans of her work, she exits quickly and in the best way possible.

Why it makes the list: The voice on the phone and the fact that we are all scared now to make Jiffy popcorn on the stove.

7: Jaws

Description: Beautiful woman goes swimming in the middle of the night, alone, with only a great white shark and the musical styling’s of John Williams to keep her company.

Why it makes the list: Because you’re still afraid to go into the water at night.  Even pools.

6: Casino Royale

Description: Movie opens in a surprising black and white as James Bond meets with a rogue spy / industrialist in Prague.  The scene is dark, heavily shadowed and jumps back and forth from a dark office and a bright bathroom.

Why it makes the list: In only a few minutes, Daniel Craig supplants Timothy Dalton as the greatest Bond ever.  (And yes I said Timothy Dalton!)

5: Saturday Night Fever

Description: Simple enough, Travolta walking down the street as the Bee Gees play.

Why it makes the list: Because it’s iconic and reminds us that Jon Travolta used to be a movie star.

4: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Description: Present day Los Angeles quickly transitioned to post Judgment Day with burnt out cars, skeletons, and the machines.  Linda Hamilton narrating in that sultry smoker voice as we witness the battle between Skynet (or IBM) and the last human forces under John Conner.

Why it makes the list: Because if this was an Army recruitment Ad, we wouldn’t hesitate to join up.  No fate but what we make my friends.

3: Raiders of the Lost Ark

 Top 10: Movie Opening ScenesDescription: Our introduction to Indiana Jones as he stands in the shade of a tree, in some tropical country, in the middle of nowhere.   Before whipping a guy for sneaking up on him with a gun he then enters the most implausible and well guarded temple ever created.

Why it makes the list: In my opinion, it is the list.

Like George Lucas would allow this trailer online

2: Patton

Description: General George Patton stands in front of an American flag and balances his backhanded compliments of his own men with the backhanded insults to the Axis powers.

Why it makes the list: Because I love America

1: Saving Private Ryan

Description: An old veteran makes the long walk through a cemetery in France.  Gazing into his eyes we are brought to the beaches of Normandy on D-day.  The next 10 minutes are chaotic, bloody, and intense.

Why it makes the list: You never actually recover before the movie ends.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Other movies we thought of but couldn’t fit on the list:

Replacement Killers

 Top 10: Movie Opening Scenes Description: Wearing latex gloves, Chow Yun Fat walks casually into a club to a roped off table populated by obvious criminals and lowlifes, and introduces himself by placing a bullet on the table.  For a normal person, in about 30 seconds they would be playing “like a G6” over your corpse.  Not Chow Yun Fat.

Youtube link: Not available

Why it didn’t make the top 10: We couldn’t really remember why we liked Crystal Method, plus we have to wait like 30 minutes in that movie for Mia Sorvino to show up.


Description: “For Whom the Bell Tolls” (Metallica) capped off by Rule # 1: Cardio aka “Don’t be a Fatty.”

Why it didn’t make the top 10: I am not sure why this movie didn’t win an Academy Award.

Youtube link:

Breakfast at Tiffanys

Description: Sad, “my buddy just died” music as Audrey Hepburn stuffs her face with a pretzel and looks at jewelry.  (Guys, if your wondering .. that’s two red flags in one scene)

Why it didn’t make the top 10: Because it almost made me fall asleep just writing about it

Youtube link:


Description: Optimus Prime’s voice and then a U.S. base getting destroyed by one very evil Blackhawk helicopter.

Why it didn’t make the top 10: Still a little bitter about how bad the sequel was.

Youtube link:


Description: Starts off in a dream as the greatest soundtrack since Kill Bill takes over and we find Dicapro lying face down on a beach.

Why it didn’t make the top 10: Apparently the panel didn’t think “Awesomeness” was a good enough requirement.

Youtube link:

The Dark Knight

Description: Opens during a bank heist by the Joker and his crew.  The Joker ends up killing the whole crew and escapes on a school bus.

Why it didn’t make the top 10: Because just like the Academy Awards, we here at Bradmouth are incompetent at our jobs.

Youtube link:


watchmen minutemen photo Top 10: Movie Opening ScenesDescription: “The Times are A-changing” (Bob Dylan) plays as a timeline of the original Minutemen characters are inter-spliced with iconic historical events.

Why it didn’t make the top 10: Mixed reviews on this movie in general.  Despite some male nudity, women generally hated it.

Youtube link: Not available

Hope Floats

hope floats Top 10: Movie Opening ScenesDescription: Sandra Bullock gets ambushed on a talk show by her cheating husband and best friends

Youtube link: Not available (big surprise)

Why it didn’t make the top 10: Because no male has ever actually seen this movie.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Description: Butch checks out a bank and some poor sap accuses Sundance of cheating in a card game.

Why it didn’t make the top 10: The crime is that there are people in this world who haven’t seen this movie.

Youtube link:


 Top 10: Movie Opening Scenes Description: Miserable rainy night, Kate Beckinsale in full leather, and a voiceover about Lycans and Vampires.

Youtube link: Not available (though I bet the movie is on TBS right now)

Why it didn’t make the top 10: Kate Beckinsale being hot doesn’t get you a spot on the list.

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