Are Dystopian Societies Really That Dangerous?

The dystopian society. Post apocalyptic Earth.

Whether at the hands of Jack Bauer’s old ass father or candy bars forcing their way into your mouth, how humanity survives the near end of the world is as trendy as fair trade coffee and Tinder sex-botting as a second income.

In particular, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and the Divergent series, have soared to box office and publishing heights.

But what’s so truly bad about these hungry, puzzle solving, love triangling universes ( I know–it’s a word starting today, ok)?

And have you ever thought about which of these Abercrombie and Fitch new world orders  you’d rather be stranded?

Because I have more fantasies running through my head than a Scientology chieftain, here are these three, ranked in order of survivability-

3) Divergent

Screen Shot 2015 01 28 at 8.15.43 PM 300x269 Are Dystopian Societies Really That Dangerous?

This is totally scarier than anything else I have to face.

Biggest Threats:

  1. Some super-hot guy attempts to die for you. Repeatedly.
  2. Missing the free train that helpfully ferries citizens about the town.
  3. Needing to loosen your free leather wardrobe a bit to better show your cleavage.

Most likely way to die:

Zip-lining accident.




images Are Dystopian Societies Really That Dangerous?

They’re going to kill me…but I got her number!

2)The Maze Runner

Biggest threats:

  1. Crazy gingers that don’t ever want the campout to end.
  2. Two slowly closing walls.
  3. Robot spider aliens that don’t know how to work as a team.

Most Likely Way to Die

Killed in your sleep by your boys because the only girl to show up to the party in years is super hot and completely into you.



Screen Shot 2015 01 28 at 7.56.20 PM 300x231 Are Dystopian Societies Really That Dangerous?

Oh God…even the genetically-engineered monster is in love with me.

Biggest threats:

  1. Acid clouds.
  2. Aerial bombardments.
  3. Donald Sutherland’s old man decayed stomach breath.

Most Likely Way to Die:

Getting in between the emo and jock when they duke it out for your love…or the genetically engineered monsters that eat human flesh. But definitely one of those.

~~~ BW

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