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No Pulse, No Problem: Hottest Male Vampires Part II

Bravely continuing on with the sacrifice of my manhood… 5.  Angel (David Boreanaz), Angel I sum up this selection by referencing Wedding Crashers.  You remember some bratty little kid demands that Vince Vaughn make him a balloon bicycle? And Vince says, “All right, I’m going to make you a bicycle. But I don’t want to […]

No Pulse, No Problem: Hottest Male Vampires Part I

A quick prologue…. I’ve chosen to ignore, and mock, reader suggestion Jackson Rothbone. (Don’t feel bad reader—teasing, I’ve been told, is one of my love languages.) Firstly, because I know many of you love it, I’m willing to forgive vampires in Twilight.  They can’t help it that Stephanie Meyer sold her soul to the devil […]

No Pulse, No Problem: The Hottest Female Vampires

By Brad White America loves a sucker. No, I’m not talking about Jessica Simpson and chicken of the sea, also known as tuna fish.  And I’m not referencing anyone who truly believes Taylor Swift can sing live.  And I definitely do not mean anyone who thought an alcohol monitor would slow down Lindsay’s party. I’m […]

Running Diary: 30 Days of Night What does a 27 year-old male with good prospects do on a sunny Saturday afternoon? He goes on a picnic with his significant other, balances his checkbook with his latest paycheck, or maybe even goes house hunting. Which is why I went to see a movie by myself. Don’t […]