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Who Are the 2017 Oscar Nominees?

The 2017 crop of Oscar films reflects much of what 2016 was as a whole – a beautiful slew of misery and tear-inducing situations that will make you feel stronger for having survived them. Truthfully, if you can make it through all of these films without shedding a tear, then you probably are waiting for your emotion software to […]


NOTE–Because I am by nature a contrarian, I have included two films not actually nominated. They are highlighted in bold 10) Boyhood Take all your old home movies, sprinkle in multiple lousy father figures, add a dash of pretentious folk music and Ethan Hawke trying to Trojan horse a music career, and you get Boyhood. […]

2013 Oscar Best Picture Rankings:  Les Misérables

Welcome to Bradmouthin’ at the Movies long anticipated 2013 Oscar Film Battle Royale! Because you should only waste 56 minutes of work per day browsing the internet, and because I have to review 8 freaking movies while my carpal tunnel rages on, these predictions will be short and sweet. Like Danny DeVito dipped in chocolate. […]

Black Swan: A Sharp Wing to the Face

Black Swan in a Sentence: Extremely visceral and disorienting, like if a tearful Snow White sliced her own forearms with tin can tops while the Seven Dwarfs watched and whistled  “Heigh Ho.” Why I Almost Grew Black Wings: The pacing is highly innovative. Darren Aronofsky masterfully uses the first hour to screw with your senses, […]