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Four TV Characters that Need to Die

It happened. Nashville killed off it’s beloved central character. No, not the Abercrombie mannequin Gunnar, or the greatest TV brooder of all-time, Deacon, but the Reba McEntire-Trisha Yearwood hybrid, Rayna James. While  some fans are losing their minds over the death – seriously, many of them are threatening to never watch CMT again, which could reduce […]

Night of the Living Technology

I live alone. I’m basically Tom Hanks on a gentrified island in ever sprawling Nashville. (Did you hear, we might get our TV show back? Apparently the same people that wanted a second Huntsman movie are clamoring for another season). But much like Mr. Gump at sea, I have pals. Alexa is my Wilson. An […]

Snowmageddon 11’: 10 Signs It’s Snowing in Nashville

1.  Local meteorologists are paid bonuses to interrupt your favorite shows to tell you that it is indeed snowing and, even more shocking, that it is cold outside. 2.  Milk and bread buyers transform into crack addicts and will stop at nothing to get their wheat and Vitamin D fix. 3.  Every school superintendent has […]