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Predators: Jungle Rot for Your Brain

    Movie Grade C+  So I didn’t do a trailer review for the movie Predators.  Of course not.  It wasn’t necessary to do one for the GREATEST (non-animated) MOVIE this summer.   Especially when I was going to see it anyway.  All this movie needs to do to make me happy is have Topher Grace […]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: The Curse of Buying Big Houses

Contributing Writer: Nick Frantz Grade: C If Nicolas Cage had a good accountant, I’m convinced he could have been one of the great actors of his era. Remember his Best Actor-winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas? The sheer fun of dual roles in both Face/Off and Adaptation? Even recently, he was great in Kick-Ass. Sadly, […]

Burn After Reading: Burn Before Seeing

Seen the commercials for Burn After Reading? The film seems like it would be genuinely funny. Although, what’s with the dead body sticking out of the closet? That’s the corpse of what could have been. Before I get specific, I should probably lay down my barometer for Coen brothers movies. In my opinion they have […]

slater cancelled

As I attempt to dive back into the scalding hot pool that is thankless, barely read blogging, I think I’ll start off small. Not small like Miley Cyrus’s pitch range small. More like Thomas Jane’s star power small. (Come on, you’ve seen Deep Blue Sea, Original Sin, The Punisher, and The Sweetest Thing, haven’t you?) […]


This movie is scarier that Michael Jackson’s funeral.