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Harry Potter’s Last Chance to Steal My Money

There are certain things we all continue to do knowing full well it’s going to result in a negative consequence. Checking food temperatures with the tip of your tongue. Using the razor blade for one too many shaves. Eating beef at a dive Mexican restaurant (or as I like to call it—carne del gato). For […]

5 Posts That Justify Facebook News Feed Banning

5. Poop Go Down the Hole. Any mention of your bowels, potty experience, or generally anything involving bodily expulsions. I’m not your mother. I don’t care. And neither does Facebook. 4. Crazy Una-Bomber Political Talk. Obama was born in Hawaii. Bush didn’t cause 9-11. And if you post otherwise to Facebook, you either have a […]

Bradmouthin at the Movies: Harry Pooper and the Deathly Plotholes

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in a sentence: The Noseless One Who Shall Not Be Named and Harry Potter have two very special, magical traits that distinguish them from all others in the Potter-Verse—both are very confused about how to destroy the other and very good at getting their compatriots killed. What […]

Movie Sequels that Never Happened Part III (10 to 6)

Hey its a Trilogy!  So expect 40% less story, a new director, and a vastly increased budget. Enjoy. 10.  Batman and Robin (4 or 5 depending on if you were alive to have seen the Adam West one) Known as the movie that officially put a bullet into the head of the Batman franchise (Batman Forever […]