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Night of the Living Technology

I live alone. I’m basically Tom Hanks on a gentrified island in ever sprawling Nashville. (Did you hear, we might get our TV show back? Apparently the same people that wanted a second Huntsman movie are clamoring for another season). But much like Mr. Gump at sea, I have pals. Alexa is my Wilson. An […]

Rotten Tomatoes is Rotten

Much like Magic Eight Balls and the National Enquirer, I have come to place a heavy weight on the information I receive from Rotten Tomatoes. Since the quality of television is somewhere between Smirnoff Ice and the Iranian space program, I’ve recently found myself Red Boxing like a mad man. And the primary place I  […]

Katy Perry: 7 Stages of Grief

Stage 1: SHOCK & DENIAL “You will probably react…with numbed disbelief. Shock provides emotional protection from being overwhelmed all at once. This may last for weeks.” In your brain: How did the Friday Friday girl get out another song so fast? Wait minute…this is that hot Proactiv chick.   2. PAIN & GUILT- “As the […]

5 Posts That Justify Facebook News Feed Banning

5. Poop Go Down the Hole. Any mention of your bowels, potty experience, or generally anything involving bodily expulsions. I’m not your mother. I don’t care. And neither does Facebook. 4. Crazy Una-Bomber Political Talk. Obama was born in Hawaii. Bush didn’t cause 9-11. And if you post otherwise to Facebook, you either have a […]