No Pulse, No Problem: The Hottest Female Vampires

By Brad White America loves a sucker. No, I’m not talking about Jessica Simpson and chicken of the sea, also known as tuna fish.  And I’m not referencing anyone who truly believes Taylor Swift can sing live.  And I definitely do not mean anyone who thought an alcohol monitor would slow down Lindsay’s party. I’m […]

Inception: So Good It Hurts

By Brad White Run Time: 2hr. 28 min. Grade: A+ Unless you’ve been under a rock—or on a six week Wild Turkey bender like Mel Gibson—you’ve undoubtedly seen the Inception trailer. You recognize Leonardo DiCaprio.  You get that it’s the director who made The Dark Knight, or as a I call it, the Batman movie […]

Predators: Jungle Rot for Your Brain

    Movie Grade C+  So I didn’t do a trailer review for the movie Predators.  Of course not.  It wasn’t necessary to do one for the GREATEST (non-animated) MOVIE this summer.   Especially when I was going to see it anyway.  All this movie needs to do to make me happy is have Topher Grace […]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: The Curse of Buying Big Houses

Contributing Writer: Nick Frantz Grade: C If Nicolas Cage had a good accountant, I’m convinced he could have been one of the great actors of his era. Remember his Best Actor-winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas? The sheer fun of dual roles in both Face/Off and Adaptation? Even recently, he was great in Kick-Ass. Sadly, […]

Cleveland–He’s Just Not That Into You

Darth LeBron has made his decision.  The Death Star stands intact.  Evil times are upon the NBA.  LeBron shirked his duty as the savior of the Cleveland economy as well as the city’s apparently fragile psyche. And Lindsey Lohan is on her way to prison. BP still hasn’t plugged the hole it blew open in […]

LeBron: Non-Killer

So the Knicks put together a package wherein marketing experts told him he could earn as much as 2 billion, that’s right—BILLION with a “B.” As in what Halliburton made during the first hour of the Iraq War. As in what Elin Woods hopes to get in the divorce. As in how much you could […]

knight and day

Do you like Tom Cruise?  That is the only question you need ask yourself when deciding to see this film. In Knight & Day, and yes his last name is Knight and–oddly enough–her last name is not Day, Tom Cruise is a spy on the lamb, relentlessly attempting to protect a never ending battery and […]

How to Creep Out Grocery Shoppers in 5 Easy Steps

1. When in the Dairy isle, wait for someone to approach the milk. Then, just before they make their selection, reach in and gently caress the gallon they are about to select. After they recoil, look at them longingly and say, “it’s so white. It’s just sooo white.” 2. Open up the ice cream doors. […]

Running Diary: 30 Days of Night What does a 27 year-old male with good prospects do on a sunny Saturday afternoon? He goes on a picnic with his significant other, balances his checkbook with his latest paycheck, or maybe even goes house hunting. Which is why I went to see a movie by myself. Don’t […]

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