Stolen Diaries: LeBron James

12/2/2010 Dear Diary, Sucks being back in Cleveland. Really hate all this snow and street feces. Home town or not, Miami is much better than C-Town. Sure, we don’t win as much as I did in Cleveland, and I’m pretty sure my teammate Chris’s parents are RuPaul and an Avatar, but at least there aren’t […]

The Nightclub Dictionary: Volume 1

I’m not a big clubber. Yes, I like to dance it out like Mikhail Baryshnikov on crack. (Though he only did it to impress Kentucky Derby winner Sarah Jessica Parker, his trusty steed on Sex and the City.) I don’t even frequent the trendier “chill” spots that often. Usually the music is turned up loud […]

Stolen Diaries: Brett Favre

November 15th, 2010 Dear Diary, Lost another game yesterday. To the Bears. The freakin’ Bears! They’re horrible.  Jay Cutler doesn’t even have a neck. Just one long chin that makes him look like if Droopy Dog and a tree stump had a baby. Really getting tired of Coach Childress, too. He won’t let me near […]

Halloween Special: Five NFL Frights

As I watch football on Halloween, it occurred to me that this league can be a very frightening place, with monsters seemingly around every stadium’s corner. Thus, in honor of my favorite sport and second favorite holiday, here is my list for the Five Frights of NFL Football. 1.      Getting a picture message from Brett […]

Bradmouth Munchies: 30 Second Review of Breyers YoCrunch Cookies N’ Cream Yogurt with Oreo

Product: Breyers YoCrunch Cookies N’ Cream Yogurt with Oreo Ooooh Shiny!: The black packaging stands out from the glut of yogurt product offerings like Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives. It’s exquisitely dark complexion is wildly attractive, and it’s completely surrounded by tired products wrapped in tired skin. And there’s a candy topping strapped to the […]

2 Minute Movie Review: The Town

The Town in a sentence: If Point Break and Heat had a baby, and then that baby drove around in a tank, married a supermodel, won the World Series of Poker and a game of beer pong simultaneously, and trained a Grizzly Bear to sing show tunes all while revitalizing the economy as Mayor of […]

Nine Networking No-No’s

So I’m obsessed with networking. I’m like a hyena on the African plains.  I can smell if you might know someone I’d like to be put in contact with.  Don’t try and hide it.  I saw the damn business card come out of your satchel five minutes earlier. Attempts at resisting me are more futile […]

1 Minute Review: Boardwalk Empire

1 Minute Review: Boardwalk Empire In One Sentence. And then the nice guy blew of the dude’s head with a shotgun. What is this now? Atlantic City at the dawn of prohibition.  Corrupt politicians and gangsters rush to fill the void with liquor and their pockets with cash.  And each other with holes. Think most […]

Mutual Target: McKay’s Used Books, DVD’s, CD’s, and More!

*Reader’s note—the “Mutual Target is like this: Say you always buy Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch.  And let’s also say you always shop at Wal-Mart.  For General Millls (the manufacturer) and Wal-Mart (the retailer) you are a “mutual target.”  End of lesson. Of course I know about Amazon. I shop there often. I will continue shopping […]

Knoxville Drivin’: 6 Things You’ll See

6.  A homeless person chases your car out of the Fort.  Apparently he wants money, not a half-eaten box of chicken McNuggets. 5.  Drivers must ponder whether or not the changing of the traffic light from red to green is a trick or a signal to accelerate.  You can literally watch them devolve into chimpanzees […]