Inception: So Good It Hurts

 Inception: So Good It Hurts

Worth the hype.

By Brad White

Run Time: 2hr. 28 min.

Grade: A+

Unless you’ve been under a rock—or on a six week Wild Turkey bender like Mel Gibson—you’ve undoubtedly seen the Inception trailer.

You recognize Leonardo DiCaprio.  You get that it’s the director who made The Dark Knight, or as a I call it, the Batman movie where Heath Ledger is so incredibly amazing that you almost forget how Christian Bale talks as if he has the worst case of constipation in intestinal history every time he puts on the cape.

Other than that, the trailer, despite its wicked cool imagery, is about as straightforward as a Salvador Dali painting.  The funny thing, though, is the premise is ingeniously simpler than a Backstreet Boy lyric.

People exist who, for the right price, will knock someone out, build a dream for that person to experience, and then steal important secrets from their mind.  This is called extraction.  It’s also what I believe happens to me when I listen to Lady Gaga on my iPod shuffle.

A trick that’s slightly more complicated is inception—using dreams to plant an idea in someone’s mind which will cause them to take some action or act in a manner which you desire.

move that bus1 Inception: So Good It Hurts


In Inception, Dicaprio’s team is hired to plant an idea in Cillian Murphy’s head that will cause him to shake up his recently passed away father’s massive business conglomerate—all extreme makeover style, without the goofy bus reveal.

But, like a frat house on a Sunday morning, Dicaprio’s mind is filled with guilt from his past, and this makes the job significantly more difficult for his team.

THE GOOD:  Pretty much all of it.  Despite the trailer’s incredible action sequences, I feared this movie might turn coffee house pseudo-intellectual, needlessly trying to force some message about introspection and the mental demons that haunt us.


The film is near perfect.  The acting is top notch.  Whether you’re baking a cake or building a house, you can choose to either buy  the best ingredients and materials or you can skimp a little.  And you can ALWAYS tell a difference.

ben affelck Inception: So Good It Hurts

But why can't I be in this movie?

Inception chose the former.  Every actor in the film can actually act.  No “coat tail” actors, like Ben Affleck or Jessica Alba, desperately clinging to Leo’s performance  while bringing nothing to the film themselves.

The plot is brilliant.  A few times I was convinced the story was about to head off a cliff.  But by the end of the film, everything makes sense.  Like Matrix 3, only the complete opposite.

The score is so well done it should have been given a character name.  If you’ve ever seen Lost or the new Star Trek, you’ll have a slight idea what to expect.  And, if you can believe it, the musical composition of Inception outdoes even those heavyweights.

The visual imagery of the movie—the cinematography, the varied landscapes, the special effects, ALL OF IT—is basically Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for your eyes.  And don’t worry, director Christopher Nolan didn’t show it all off in the trailer.

baby random Inception: So Good It Hurts

Go see Inception. I can eat later.

THE BAD:  Had to reach to find something, but I’ll give it a shot.  The ending, based on the oddly loud reaction by the packed audience, may contain a twist I don’t fully understand yet.  Then again, much like toddlers, Miley Cyrus, and people who watch The Hills, I am easily confused.

THE SKINNY:  Just go see the movie.  You can do less important things, like feed your children or fill out your will, after you’ve taken care of this.


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