Halloween Special: Five NFL Frights

nfl pumpkin Halloween Special: Five NFL FrightsAs I watch football on Halloween, it occurred to me that this league can be a very frightening place, with monsters seemingly around every stadium’s corner. Thus, in honor of my favorite sport and second favorite holiday, here is my list for the Five Frights of NFL Football.

1.      Getting a picture message from Brett Favre holding a pumpkin in front of his Wrangler’s with a caption that reads, “that big.”

2.      Seeing Justin Bieber’s face pop out the back of Tom Brady’s head.

3.      Avoiding murder at the hands of Raiders owner Al Davis and his insatiable zombie appetite for brains.

4.      Walking my roommate’s dog near Mike Vick’s house.

5.      Being chased by a scalpel wielding Tim Tebow as he screams, “but I’m reeeeealy good at this—most of those boys are still boys!

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