Four TV Characters that Need to Die

It happened.

Nashville killed off it’s beloved central character. No, not the Abercrombie mannequin Gunnar, or the greatest TV brooder of all-time, Deacon, but the Reba McEntire-Trisha Yearwood hybrid, Rayna James.

While  some fans are losing their minds over the death – seriously, many of them are threatening to never watch CMT again, which could reduce their viewership from 10 all the way to 3 – we thought this was a great opportunity to sentence a few other fake show humans to death.

rosita 234x300 Four TV Characters that Need to Die4) Rosita-The Walking Dead

Ever since the death of the ginger with broad shoulders, Abraham, the same man who cheated on her and mercilessly kicked her to the curb, Rosita has been the epitome of a wet blanket.

The military trained soldier can no loner manage to shoot around a baseball bat and, perhaps worse, has resting quinoa face.

(Come on, don’t get too hipster on me-no one actually wants to eat quinoa.)

Based on her obsession to commit suicide by Savior, I think my wish will be granted soon.

3) Red-The Blacklist

 Four TV Characters that Need to DieI love James Spader. I love this character. But this show has all the momentum of a cow sunk up to its shoulders in mud.

Much like any drama that has no idea when it will end, this series has turned into an elderly dog, unenthusiastically chasing its tail.

Let’s send Red to the “farm” he’s earned and free James Spader to work on his next quirky character.

2) Any Rayburn not named John-Bloodlines

rayburns 300x177 Four TV Characters that Need to DieOn Bloodlines, the Rayburn family has wrought more havoc and mayhem than the Hatfields and McCoys combined.

The only one to croak has been the father at the hands of an unexpected heart attack and the brother at the literal hands of…well..his brother.

We’ve watched as they’ve murdered police, each other, gotten mixed up in the cocaine business and broke all manners of legal and moral rules.

The fact that they’ve gone two full seasons without paying a serious penalty is getting ridiculous. Even the OJ jurors would tell you its unbelievable that these cats are still roaming free.

1) Stan Beeman-The Americans

beeman 300x169 Four TV Characters that Need to DieStan is not that great of a guy. He handed over his Russian love to protect his job, failed to watch his partner or his boss’s back resulting in both their deaths and, most importantly, constantly bums beer off his cover Russian spy neighbors.

The Amercians is one of the sharpest shows on television and has shown a Game of Thrones like willingness to kill characters.

Now that it’s moving toward what almost has to be its final season (5), sending Stan out at the hands of his fairly good Soviet friends would be a hell of a TV moment.

So, who do you want to see Joffrey’d?

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