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Eulogy to My Beloved

Losing your soul mate is never easy. For the past 14 months I’ve been in a committed relationship. We spent every hour together. Every meal. Every night’s sleep. And we always exercised together. It’s the longest and most rewarding relationship I’ve ever had. And it all came to a crashing end when this wonderful partner […]

Burning Bridges May Be Harmful to Health

They, the universal “they” that tells the general “us” not to count unhatched chickens, go chasing waterfalls, or think the greenness of grass is brighter at the neighbor’s, also tell us to never burn bridges. For most of my life I’ve believed this. Of course I have a flair for the dramatic-I like to think […]

Recently, I bragged to a female coworker of mine that I was fully domesticated. She looked at me quizzically, so I informed her that I did not mean I don’t tinkle on the carpet or scratch up the sofa (though believe it or not, I don’t), but that the path of manhood does have a […]