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The Nightclub Dictionary: Volume 1

I’m not a big clubber. Yes, I like to dance it out like Mikhail Baryshnikov on crack. (Though he only did it to impress Kentucky Derby winner Sarah Jessica Parker, his trusty steed on Sex and the City.) I don’t even frequent the trendier “chill” spots that often. Usually the music is turned up loud […]

Nine Networking No-No’s

So I’m obsessed with networking. I’m like a hyena on the African plains.  I can smell if you might know someone I’d like to be put in contact with.  Don’t try and hide it.  I saw the damn business card come out of your satchel five minutes earlier. Attempts at resisting me are more futile […]

Grocery Zombies 2: Garbage Pail Family

Pray you’re in the grocery store’s parking lot when they arrive. Hope that you can see them coming and escape. It will be after midnight when they descend upon you—the whole ravenous, drooling lot of them. They have hunger.  They possess great thirst.  They desire every sugar based cereal that includes a cartoon character front-man […]

Grocery Zombies 1: Post Party Dude

Everyone’s done it.  At least once.  Probably more. The night grows late, you get bored, you know you may regret it in the morning—but you can’t help yourself. I’m talking, of course, about the midnight grocery run. Depending on what you’re up to, you may want to be there really badly.  Possibly suffering from a […]