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Harry Potter’s Last Chance to Steal My Money

There are certain things we all continue to do knowing full well it’s going to result in a negative consequence. Checking food temperatures with the tip of your tongue. Using the razor blade for one too many shaves. Eating beef at a dive Mexican restaurant (or as I like to call it—carne del gato). For […]

Black Swan: A Sharp Wing to the Face

Black Swan in a Sentence: Extremely visceral and disorienting, like if a tearful Snow White sliced her own forearms with tin can tops while the Seven Dwarfs watched and whistled  “Heigh Ho.” Why I Almost Grew Black Wings: The pacing is highly innovative. Darren Aronofsky masterfully uses the first hour to screw with your senses, […]

Glee: Deep Fried Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sprinkled with Happiness

I didn’t want to watch Glee. In fact, I can say that I successfully and artfully dodged all the rabid exhortations from friends and family to watch the first season. Not even when my brother expertly performed the entire Brittney Spears episode, word for word and step for step, did I relent. (Actually that’s not […]

Top 10: Movie Opening Scenes

From the writers and editors of Bradmouth …. enjoy your friday. 10: Gladiator Description: After a little historical background the scene opens up to a massive battle between the Roman army and the Germanic tribes (or Vandals, or Goths, or Danes .. you got me .. I don’t know who they are fighting .. it’s […]

Tron Legacy: A Milkshake for Your Eyes

Tron: Legacy in a sentence: If you could live your life wearing Pop Rocks tinted contacts lenses and a hearing aid that played classical-techno symphonies jointly arranged by Mozart and Lady Gaga, you would be in the Tron universe, or as they call it, the Grid. What made me want to force my body into […]

Bradmouthin at the Movies: Harry Pooper and the Deathly Plotholes

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in a sentence: The Noseless One Who Shall Not Be Named and Harry Potter have two very special, magical traits that distinguish them from all others in the Potter-Verse—both are very confused about how to destroy the other and very good at getting their compatriots killed. What […]

Scott Pilgrim Versus Bradmouth … two men enter .. the fortunate get to leave …

There is an excellent chance that within the first 5 minutes of Scott Pilgrim versus the world, you turn to your non-existent significant other or another individual among your viewing party and utter 6 words better saved for Syfy Channel movies, Taylor Swift albums, and the New York Jets offense.  Those are, in no particular […]

2 Minute Movie Review: The Town

The Town in a sentence: If Point Break and Heat had a baby, and then that baby drove around in a tank, married a supermodel, won the World Series of Poker and a game of beer pong simultaneously, and trained a Grizzly Bear to sing show tunes all while revitalizing the economy as Mayor of […]

1 Minute Review: Boardwalk Empire

1 Minute Review: Boardwalk Empire In One Sentence. And then the nice guy blew of the dude’s head with a shotgun. What is this now? Atlantic City at the dawn of prohibition.  Corrupt politicians and gangsters rush to fill the void with liquor and their pockets with cash.  And each other with holes. Think most […]

Movie Sequels that Never Happened Part IV (5 to 1)

Finally the list ends!  I actually had to watch Godfather 3 for the first time this weekend.  The things I do for the fans of Bradmouth.  All 8 of them. Part I, Part II, Part III 5. Rocky 5 The drop-off from Rocky IV (the best in the series) to Rocky V is drastic.  Rocky IV […]