Bradmouthin Knight & Day: Effectively Fun

knight and day Bradmouthin Knight & Day: Effectively FunDo you like Tom Cruise?  That is the only question you need ask yourself when deciding to see this film.

In Knight & Day, and yes his last name is Knight and–oddly enough–her last name is not Day, Tom Cruise is a spy on the lamb, relentlessly attempting to protect a never ending battery and its brilliant but helpless inventor from the bad guys, particularly one villain who is actually working for the U.S. Government.

britney spears umbrella attack Bradmouthin Knight & Day: Effectively Fun

Come out, Tom!

He uses Cameron Diaz to sneak the battery on a plane flight, where he is ambushed by ten of the most hapless assassins since Brittney Spears tried to murder Keven Federline’s car with an umbrella.  In addition to whooping more ass than John Rambo and landing a Boeing 737 in a cornfield, he also falls head over heels for Cameron Diaz’s character, June, which may be a homage to June Carter Cash since the director, James Mangold, also directed Walk the Line.

jordi molla Bradmouthin Knight & Day: Effectively Fun

Wash me...please...

The rest of the film is a chase to secure the battery and repeatedly rescue June and the inventor–who is asthmatic, which is, of course, how we know he’s physically helpless–from evil government officials and one Euro Trash villain, the bad guy from Bad Boys II and Blow who always looks like he needs a shower and shave.  Though in his defense, in this film he looked like he had washed his hair within the week.

crazy tom Bradmouthin Knight & Day: Effectively Fun

Let's do it!

THE GOOD: The movie is like a Dreamsicle, comedy and action mixing smoothly and sweetly like orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream.  Tom Cruise, like Kanye West, Pat Buchanan, and KISS fans, is genuinely insane.  Which is good for us, because he throws himself in to every action scene with less regard for life and limb than a Kennedy at a snow skiing resort. No weird-looking Keanu Reeves in the Matrix films stuntmen for him, thank you very much.  Diaz, who still looks great in a bikini, shows off her comic timing.  But I would like to have seen her get a chance to show off her dance moves for the 12,849 time.

 Bradmouthin Knight & Day: Effectively Fun

Hey Russ, shouldn't this be more exciting? Yep.

THE BAD: Ever arrived at a party that you just knew was going to be the bomb-diggity?  One where you thought the night would end with you running from some girl’s angry boyfriend while simultaneously trying to pluck your clothes from the mouth of a recently shaved goat?  Only, you get there, and while the people are pretty and the music is nice enough, there’ just no electricity in the air.  You hang out for a while, then bounce a little early and have more fun at the Waffle House than you did at the party.  And you never can figure out why.  This isn’t totally surprising as the director is the same who gave us the remake of 3:10 to Yuma, another film with pretty good actors–Bale & Crowe–a decent plot–get the bad guy to the train station–and very little on screen “pop.”

THE SKINNY: If you’ve already seen the A-Team and Get Him to the Greek, and you’re in the mood for a fun but mostly unremarkable summer flick, go check it out.

Then go to Waffle House.

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