10 Things You Learn in MBA School

mba school 10 Things You Learn in MBA School10.      When in doubt, the phrases “return on investment” and “lean supply chain” can be used to answer all questions.

9.         All Finance majors can quote Gordon Gecko.

8.        International students know your language, their language, and generally 3,452 others. Thank you American educational system. For nothing.

7.        Reading the Power Point slides are a more than suitable substitute for attending class.

6.        Specifics are not included in the price of admission.

5.        A job is not included in the price of admission.

4.       The professors don’t find you nearly as funny as you think.

3.       The war between logisticians and marketers is only slightly more hostile than God and Satan’s battle for humanity’s collective soul.

2.      Any criticism of Warren Buffet is heresy and will be met with a swift decapitation.

1.      Microsoft Excel is secretly produced by orthopedists that specialize in treating carpal tunnel syndrome and optometrists treating laptop blindness.

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