1 Minute Review: Boardwalk Empire

boardwalk empire6 1 Minute Review: Boardwalk Empire1 Minute Review: Boardwalk Empire

In One Sentence. And then the nice guy blew of the dude’s head with a shotgun.

What is this now? Atlantic City at the dawn of prohibition.  Corrupt politicians and gangsters rush to fill the void with liquor and their pockets with cash.  And each other with holes.

Think most of Iraq, like, now.

What rocks my knickers. Good is bad, bad is good, and I can’t tell who in the hell I want to root for.  This show, which is being produced by Sopranos alum Terrence Winter and Martin Scorsese, takes moral confusion to a level that even Tony Soprano didn’t reach.

And the show is prettier than a young flapper showing bare ankle (try and stay with my roaring 20’s era jokes, please).  The show completely recreates what we read about in history books—only people are taking their clothes off a lot and killing each other.  I don’t remember that from 7th grade social studies.

What should be prohibited. The young aspiring gangster of the show, Jimmy Darmody, who you may remember as the creepy feminine guy from Murder by Numbers, sometimes speaks like he has a mouth full of cotton balls—that is to say I literally find myself pressing my ear to the TV’s speaker to hear him.

Projection. After one show, the series already ahs more interesting characters and subplots than the upcoming CSI Narnia series.  They shouldn’t have a problem making a 3 year run.

Grade: 4 out of 5 Tommy Guns

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