Are Sexy Dystopian Societies Really That Dangerous?

The dystopian society. Post apocalyptic Earth. Whether at the hands of Jack Bauer’s old ass father or candy bars forcing their way into your mouth, how humanity survives the near end of the world is as trendy as fair trade coffee and Tinder sex-botting as a second income. In particular, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and […]

Nashville Women Survive New Year’s Eve Zombie Attack

Nashville, TN – In shocking news from the heart of Music City, a man drank way too much in hopes of garnering the affections of several young women. Craig Smith, self-described as “eager to have relations as quickly as possible,” was left dumbfounded as his advances  at Cabana in the Hillsboro Village area proved unsuccessful. […]

Oscars 2013: 90 Second Best Picture Predictions

The Oscars start in 30 minutes. You may be thinking, “I know more about Danica Patrick’s GoDaddy commercial than the Oscars. So yeah, I’ll be watching reruns of Storage Wars.” But wait! We here at Bradmouth believe everyone should watch the Oscars. No one should miss out on our annual glorification of celebrities and pretentiousness on […]

2013 Oscar Best Picture Rankings:  Les Misérables

Welcome to Bradmouthin’ at the Movies long anticipated 2013 Oscar Film Battle Royale! Because you should only waste 56 minutes of work per day browsing the internet, and because I have to review 8 freaking movies while my carpal tunnel rages on, these predictions will be short and sweet. Like Danny DeVito dipped in chocolate. […]